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Sewage system

A necessary part of plumbing. The sewerage system includes a system of technical devices, special pipes (sewer) and devices for cleaning and sanitation intended for the removal of waste water from residential and industrial premises.

You can imagine a sewer, for example, from an apartment, in the form of the following chain of devices. Sink drain, apartment sewer, common access sewer riser, sewer collector and citywide sewage treatment systems.

Individual housing construction involves the device of an individual sewer system (read about the types of sewerage of a country house) One of these systems called a septic tank is shown in the photo below. This is a three-chamber septic tank with a drainage system for the release of purified water.


For the bathroom, the range of sanitary ware is quite wide:

acrylic plumbing retains heat well, but this kind needs careful care. The installation takes place only with your own hand. In an acrylic bathroom, a Jacuzzi function is often built in;
the cast iron material also retains heat perfectly. Baths are covered with a thick layer of enamel, so it is more resistant to external conditions of exposure. The shape of such a bathroom is basically standard – oval, such baths are installed in apartment buildings. However, the cost of such a bath is much higher than the previous one;
a bath made of steel is stronger and cheaper in cost, but it does not retain heat well, so insulation is used to eliminate such a disadvantage;
marble and granite baths perfectly retain heat, natural or artificial stone is used for manufacturing. However, it should be noted that the weight of such material is very large;
and for those who appreciate non-standard products, you can install a glass bath.


When installing plumbing, it is necessary to choose a mixer that will supply hot and cold water to the desired temperature. To install a faucet in the bathroom, it is better to choose a single faucet. The best materials for this device are brass and an alloy of stainless metals. First of all, products made of such materials will have a long service life and low cost.

Mixers can also differ according to the water supply scheme:

there are plumbing devices made of two screws, in which a special valve is responsible for the pressure and water supply;
in mixers with one lever, the water is mixed using a separate cartridge. The lever regulates the water temperature and its pressure.
In the electronic type, the water supply is regulated by special motion sensors. The water supply is carried out by manipulations of the hands, and the temperature is displayed separately on the side case. This type is often used in public institutions, as it is more aesthetic and hygienic, but expensive.